Summer 2013
To the top of Mount Rainier and a bike ride across America, PolePack has done it.  Working so well you will forget the weight of your camping gear!   
Polepack has had to make many changes because of the wilderness restrictions on wheels now that I can no longer use them in most National Parks I have relocated to BC Canada.  Their are no laws against using a wheel to move your pack in Canada of Europe.  I have decided to make a snow use only Polepack which uses a ski to market in USA.  
Using the Polepack on snow over the years has lead me to a wonderful new invention which I have named Powderfox.  It is a hybrid snowshoe, cross between the stability of a snow shoe and a cross county ski.  Be sure to check it out on this web site soon.
Video of Polepack being used on snow                                                             Video of Polepack for trail use
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